- jquery plugin for making tables user editable


author and license

copyright Greg Weber dual licensed under GPL and MIT


user clicks on a cell, edits the value, then presses enter or clicks on any cell to save the new value


              var t = $('table')
              $.uiTableEdit( t ) // returns t

options :

  • off : turns off table editing
  • find : defaults to tbody > tr > td
  • mousedown : callback on mouseDown event
    called in context of the table cell
    if mousedown returns false, cell will not become editable
  • dataVerify : callback after cell has been changed
    called in context of the cell,
    if dataVerify returns false, cell will stay in editable state
    if dataVerify returns a value, that value will replace the cell's value
    arguments are cell's value, original text, event
  • editDone : invoked on completion
    arguments are cell's new value, original text